At Newland Estates International we believe that an active focus on a business’s Environmental, Social and Governance impact has direct competitive and financial benefits. As such we try to embed sustainability across all areas of our business and take them into consideration through all stages of our investment and development process. We believe that the risks and opportunities for investors from sustainability considerations will only deepen as organisations come under more external and internal pressure to improve their performance and commitment in these areas.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. Our management team is committed to following international best practices of corporate governance and business transparency.

Our board of directors provides oversight of the company’s affairs and ensures adherence to our governance and ethical standards. Our management processes, structures and policies are constructed to provide efficiency and transparency in decision-making and accountability.

Throughout our organisation, we foster a culture that encourages openness and fairness that is consistent with the highest ethical standards. Transparency is an important contributing factor to our reputation as a successful real estate developer across UK, Europe and Africa.